Yaizu Chuo High school

157-1 Kohiji,





Walking directions from Nishi-Yaizu train station (西 焼 津 駅, Nishiyaizu-eki,CA21), JR Tokaido Line

(15 minutes walk)

  1. Take the north exit at Nishi-Yaizu Station
  2. At street level, turn right and cross the parking lot, keeping the railway on your right
  3. Turn left at the overpass
  4. Follow the main road to the elevated highway
  5. Take a right on the backroad along the highway
  6. At the T-crossing, turn right towards the traffic light
  7. Yaizu Chuo High School is located across the 7-Eleven convenience store.


Directions to the Hombu Dojo (Gakunan Juku)

From the Shizuoka train station (静岡 駅, Shizuoka-eki, CA17), JR Tokaido Line, the best way to reach the Hombu Dojo is by walking (40 minutes):

  1. Take the north exit at Shizuoka Station
  2. Head toward the Shizuoka City Arts Museum and take the paved street
  3. Walk along the street and at the 2nd traffic light turn left onto the main road
  4. Proceed westward on the main road toward the Abe River Bridge 安倍川橋
  5. Cross the Abe River 安倍川
  6. Turn right at the bridge exit and walk along the river
  7. At the Y-junction next to the Buddhist temple, keep to the left
  8. 60 meters (90 feet) past the junction, the Hombu Dojo is on the right.


If you coordinate with public transportation (departure approximately every 60 minutes), the bus ride (20 min) is as follows:

  1. Take the north exit at Shizuoka Station
  2. Head to the bus terminal and take the Makigaya line local bus to Kozeto (operated by Shizutetsu Just)
  3. Get off at the 10th stop (the 2nd stop after crossing the Abe river 安倍川)
  4. Double back and head to 846 Mukōshikiji, Suruga-ku, on the left hand side.